Why Choosing An Open Source E-Commerce Platform Might Make Sense For You

For retailers who want to take on the digital future, investing in a robust e-commerce solution that can improve processes, boost efficiency and facilitate better communication is absolutely crucial. A digital transformation through an e-commerce solution can help you grow your business and achieve an expanded geographical footprint.

While there is a wide choice of both proprietary and open source options available for e-commerce platforms, it is important to choose the right option after weighing the pros and cons associated with each.

For retailers who are looking at adopting a digital platform for the first time, there are many reasons apart from the obvious cost benefits, to consider an open source-based solution.

Easy Customisation and Integration

Every business has its own unique requirements and business processes and no off the shelf software is likely to be a perfect fit without some degree of customisation. Besides, for any retailer, the e-commerce platform can an important differentiator because has a huge influence on customer experience.

How would customers like to navigate through your site to achieve superior experience? How can you make it easy for them to add items to the cart? What features will encourage them to come back to your site? How can you increase loyalty? Designing a unique and rewarding experience for your customers is top priority for any retailer. Customisation allows you to achieve these unique features specifically made for your customers to bring out your differentiators. An open source platform lends itself very well to these customisations since the source code is available.

Integration with external platforms is required to help the platform expand & enhance business functionality. An open source platform makes this process much simpler.